Kundalini & Cacao Ceremony

Kundalini & Cacao Ceremony with Lani Rocillo & Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden

15:00 – 16:30 Friday | BODY | £20

Explore the cultivation of luminous life-force in our bodies to heighten presence and awareness, elevate our creative spiritual capacities and return to realise a state of balance and clarity through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Sound Immersion, in a ceremony with the powerfully heart opening spirit of the Cacao plant.

KUNDALINI YOGA is known as the yoga of awareness. As a technology it combines pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation to safely raise the Kundalini energy up from the base of the spine, removing obstacles and healing energetic blocks as it goes. We develop our strength, flexibility, and coordination, expand our lung capacity, improve the balance of our nervous and endocrine systems, nurture our intuition, induce states of deep meditation, provide powerful detoxification for the body-mind-spirit and much more.

In this class participants will drink a rich brew of sacred Cacao, a plant spirit that powerfully opens the heart and guides us to feel more deeply and awaken to the intelligence of our body and the wisdom of our intuition. In turn, restoring emotional balance, heightening sensory perception and creativity.

The Cacao for this ceremony comes from Guatemala, where ancient seeds have been grown, tended and harvested in a sacred way by their guardians, so that the purity of their wisdom is retained and passed on.

To the Mayans Cacao symbolises community, celebration and intercultural exchange.