Kundalini, Cacao & Harmonising Sound

With Annabelle Stapleton-Crittendon & Arjuna

FRIDAY | 12:15 – 13:45 | BODY | £20

Communing first with the beautiful and deep heart-opening medicine of cacao, we will then move through a sequence of kundalini kriyas and meditations, tantric yoga techniques to amplify the heart field and to come into greater presence with the soul consciousness. Flowing on from the yoga will be a two-person sound healing immersion to take you deeper into the process, and to integrate and harmonise the work in your total being. 

This is a passage to connect with Spirit and know yourself as a being of Love.

Instruments of the sound journey include gong, crystal bowls, bansuri flutes, mridanga drum, hand pan, guitar, kora, shruti, voice, chimes, rattles and more.

The cacao we are drinking is from an organic ecological plantation in the Lacandona jungle of Chiapas, Mexico, where it’s tended and prepared for ceremonial use by a Mayan family.

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