Love is the Key to ChangeĀ 

Love is the Key to Change – a workshop with Nathaniel Dunn

SUNDAY | 15:45 – 17:00 | MIND

Love can be quite a vague concept, meaning different things to different people at different times, and it can often have a lot of baggage with it.

I know for years I struggled to even say the word out loud, especially to my dad. 

I will create an interactive experience with the audience to explore what love means, and to bring this conceptual understanding into practical application.

There are three levels to explore. 

1. Self love. 

This is the key to a deep sense of groundedness and contentment, and so is the gateway to a life of peace, whatever the circumstances. 

Full acceptance and love of self is emotional freedom. This freedom allows people to express who they are and what they want. This, in my experience, usually translates into people creating more of a positive impact in the world.

2. Love for others. 

Love, and therefore compassion, for others allows us to understand each other, to be open to different perspectives and to be able to work together more effectively. 

This is so vital to be able to create change in the world. Tribalism and the divisiveness that is so prevalent in the world is one of the biggest barriers that is slowing the change that is needed. 

The sooner we drop our judgements of others and see ourselves as part of one community, the sooner we can work together to change the systems and structures that are holding us back. This comes from love of others. 

3. Love for Mother Nature. 

Seeing ourselves as part of nature and connecting to the innate love we have to the natural world is what has us care for and respect our environment. 

Many indigenous cultures see themselves as caretakers and custodians of the land. They are there to look after the environment, not extract from it and use it for our own ends. 

This perspective has been largely lost in the west, but more people are beginning to reconnect to it. For us to change the trajectory we are on and begin to live in harmony with Mother Nature we have to reconnect to the love we have for her.  

We will explore these ideas in an interactive way, using stories, thought experiments and powerful questions to take the audience on an introspective journey to really understand love and its power to create for themselves. 

This will be a transformational experience that will lead to change in the world in the days and weeks after the experience itself.