Love’s Vibration

Love’s Vibration – restorative yoga, reiki & sound healing with Charlotte Taylor & Uschi Classen

SATURDAY | 10:30 – 12:00 | SOUL

Combining restorative yoga, reiki & sound healing, this nourishing workshop, will leave you feeling grounded and nurtured, with an invitation to recentre, soothe your nervous system, and drop deeply into the heartspace.

Charlotte will guide you through a deeply restorative yoga practice as Uschi provides a soothing soundscape with her chakra tuned singing bowls. Once your body and mind have had time to relax, you will settle into rest for a double dose of energy healing! Uschi will create a sound bath of healing vibrations as Charlotte sends Reiki to each person in the space. Reiki helps to bring your body, your mind, and your mood back into harmony. Combining these two healing practices offers a powerful energetic reset, helping you return to the natural frequency of pure unconditional love as it flows through you and radiates outwards to raise the collective vibration.