Loving Kindness Encounters

Loving Kindness Encounters – a workshop with Rosa & Aaron Sefi

SUNDAY | 10:30 – 11:30 | SOUL

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease
May all beings be happy, be well, be safe, be peaceful and at ease

Aaron and Rosa invite you to join them in an immersion of metta! A loving kindness practice based on the Buddhist concept of Metta Bhavna.

In this workshop we will guide you to tap into your innate resources of loving joyful feelings, and explore and experiment with ways to transmit this first towards yourself, before rippling into our group, and then outwards to our Noisily community and beyond. There will be safely held space for in the moment contemplation along with the intentions you wish to set for your weekend. There will always be choice in how deeply you participate and how much you share with the group. We learnt this meditation during our time with the Western Buddhist order in the early 00s, and have found it to be a deeply moving, heart opening and connecting practice; one that we hope can offer a grounding yet blissful beginning to your festival journey.

Rosa is an accredited relational psychotherapist who has been working therapeutically with young people, adults and groups for near on twenty years  –  https://birdhousefalmouth.co.uk/rosa-sefi   Aaron is a trained counsellor who has been working in the world of clinical research and digital mental health his whole career. We are both passionate about supporting people to have the most enriching and illuminating experiences they can through both conscious and expanded states of being, and one route to this is tapping into their inner well of loving kindness.