Lumenate – Forest of Reflections


For the first time, Lumenate will be bringing its consciousness-shifting light experience to the festival world. Get ready to immerse yourself in an impactful journey through a colourful kaleidoscope created by your own mind… All driven by only light and sound.

Lumenate was founded on the vision of inspiring people to live more fulfilling lives by making access to the subconscious easier than ever. From this vision the team went on a winding exploration of methods to safely, scientifically and legally alter consciousness, eventually landing on the world of stroboscopic neural entertainment.

This was first designed into a group experience, then thanks to COVID restrictions, into the Lumenate app which since launch has gained over half a million users.

Now Lumenate will reimagine this experience, bringing together intentionality, community and consciousness-exploration to inspire the minds of the Noisily crowd. Intrigued? Come visit us and experience it for yourself.