Men’s Circle

Men’s Circle with Lee Stagles & Fabien Decodts

SUNDAY | 11:00 – 12:30 | UNITE

Men’s Circle are back at noisily this year offering a space for men (people who share the experience of being a man) to come and experience a Menswork session.

Led by facilitator trainer Lee Stagles and recent graduate Fabien Decodts, we call it an Open Circle.

Men will be invited to be heard from a place of presence, to listen to others, to ask questions and to practise non-athletic breathing and movement techniques.

Men’s Circle takes a no-BS, evidence based approach to self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mental resilience.

We are a non-profit and community for men’s self-development, holding weekly Open & Closed* Circles online, nature retreats, socials, an online community space, and facilitator training.

Join the circle to dip your toe into men’s work.

*A Closed Circle is a 26 week commitment to meet with five other men (one a facilitator trained in our process) to support each other to be better men.

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