Saturday Service

The Saturday Service – The Oxytocin & Serotonin Reboot with Chris Fitchew

SATURDAY | 13:45 – 14:45 | BODY

The boost you need to kick start your second wind!

We have awoken from our festy slumber from a stellar night where everything aligned and was perfect! Ooops, our cup feels depleted and we need to get set and be firing all cylinders for round 2! Chris Fitchew hosts this delightful, feel-good, inclusive, immersive, fabulous, and uplifting “service” that includes guided meditation, breath, Ho’oponopono prayer, visualisations, junk removal, and shamanic play for all to join in and fill our heart, body, and soul full of more joy; boosting oxytocin and serotonin ready for an even bigger and brighter round 2 (or 3!). An energising cell reignition with uplifting music, invigorating dance and a sprinkle of Chris’s jovial jester antics, all to an epic soundtrack right in the centre of your own heart of the festival. 

Join in, and recharge your adrenals and nervous system, powering up your portals and you will be totally set for another magical day at the festival. 

A hit at The Pikes Summer Festival in Somerset, Medicine Festival Main stage, and Wonderment every morning!, it’s a surefire way to start the day at Noisily!!

Wear your swimwear under your movement wear – you never know?!