Mother Nature

Mother Nature – Nature Art workshop with Emma Philippa Maeve

Saturday 9 – 1030 | CRAFT

Working in a time frame that allows people to go out and forage materials, we can create dream catchers, and create performance art by using natural sourced materials. The concept will be to create artwork with what is found apart from the paper used this ideal will be hopefully placing people with a positive mind set so that after this year and all our yearning to reunite under the magical canopy of Coney Woods. To collect materials fallen and create a ground mural with each other acting in a group to collectively talk about how you made and why you connected with those pieces found.

About Emma – An applied artist who is inspired by the beauty of the world, emotion and the connection that we have with our emotions and understanding of how we relate with one another. Emma Philippa Maeve allows herself to be viewed by others within her work and this weekend will be a way to truly connect with each other meeting people alike to who will be interested in nature, the environment, art, wellbeing and being in a meditative state to allow one to create pieces or work that relate to themselves.

As we look into ourselves and find the connection between our body and what we have to give or rejoice from our mother’s nature. The workshops she will be offering will be exploring our inner self, from emotions to how we feel when we allow ourselves to connect with nature and with each other.