MotherLove – a loving ceremony with Candice Quartermain

SUNDAY | 14:00 – 15:30 | RED TENT

A Celebration of Motherhood: a receiving of love and a remembrance of all that we are as women, as daughters, and as mothers.

You feel your power, and you know you have so much to offer our world. Yet, your unmet needs and tender wounds keep you quiet and unseen from the world more than you would like.

Are you ready to find your voice, to ask for what you need and to feel the joy and delight of feeling connected, acknowledged and appreciated for all that you are? 

MotherLove is waiting to meet you. To hold space for you and to celebrate you. 

This is an invitation to join Candice as the midwife to a rebirthing ceremony where breath, gentle movement, and poetry transport us back to our womb spaces, inviting us to set new intentions, speak for what we desire, and embody all that we need to give our gifts of creation and creativity. 

Inspired by ancient traditions and reclaiming the act of women gathering. Paired with the real world experience of personal deep suffering experienced through abusive parents and their inability to love, Candice acknowledges the truth felt by many of us seeking the natural unconditional love that should be gifted to us all in abundance but is unavailable. 

MotherLove is a space created to receive alternative and primarily self-led pathways back to this love. To be nurtured, nourished, protected, and guided through new places and spaces through connections to women, our ancestors, and Mother Nature herself. Experience the abundance that awaits you, reminding you that you are so loved and so worthy of all that you desire.

About Candice 

Candice, a joyful visionary and nurturing force, wears multiple hats as an artist, activist, entrepreneur, and coach. With a passion for personal growth and inclusivity, she creates transformative spaces where individuals are seen and embraced. Guided by her own journey she fosters vitality, belonging, and the pursuit of a heathy world.