Movement Ceremony

Movement Ceremony – Conscious Connection Dance with Our Sacred Rhythms

FRIDAY | 20:30 – 22:00 | BODY

Our Sacred Rhythms was created as a healing space for the dance floor. A space for you to be completely yourself and express yourself completely. Come as you are and be prepared to dance with and through it all. We gift ourselves healing with the magic of music and dance with a guided movement meditation that flows for an hour and a half. Guided by DJ, singer, poet and producer, J.Müller and live cornet from Amadeusz. Be prepared for a journey into your heart and body with poetry and singing interwoven through the sounds.

As the past 3 years have been an uncertain ride for us all, we welcome you into an opening of the heart and integrating of the uncomfortable and expansive changes we’ve all been going through. We invite you to this movement ceremony in honour of all cultural and structural changes taking place to bring us home and back into the remembrance of who we are in our divine essence as love and through love. Every body is welcome.