Museum of Consciousness

Museum of Consciousness with Carl H Smith & artists

SATURDAY | 17:00 – 18:30 | SOUL | £20

Also contributing to Mind Body Soul is The Museum of Consciousness which contains exhibits by a multitude of artists, mavericks and consciousness explorers who are keen to transmit their most treasured work: short, audio-based samples that are designed to create expansive states of consciousness (including love). There are over 100 artists in the Museum including Jon Hopkins, Lisa Lashes and Tom Middleton.

At the festival, the challenge to the Museum’s five featured artists is to produce a reliable altered state of consciousness in a live audience, just with sound; This structure is designed to act as an engine for creative regeneration between the artist and the audience, empowering both in equal measure.

The ticketed session will be made up of three steps: first the artist will transmit their work to the audience, then they will help to integrate their transmission by explaining their work in depth, and finally the audience will communicate its thoughts and feelings back to the artist, in order to help them learn and iterate on their piece.