MycoTek: Fungi Cultivation for Beginners with Dr Sam Gandy

SUNDAY | 11:30 – 13:00 | CRAFT

Rather than needing to rely on buying fungal supplements, did you know that you can easily grow your own fungi for consumption at home for a fraction of the price? Through a mixture of theory and practice, Dr Sam Gandy will lead you through the process of growing your own lion’s mane fungi. Suitable for beginners, this simple and low-cost approach requires minimal equipment and is well suited for people who lead busy lives or are tight on space. Through this workshop, Sam will empower you to grow your own fungi by giving you the means of being self-sufficient in producing your own mycelium of whatever species you would like to grow – using a simple approach that is highly effective and immensely rewarding. Post-workshop, you will have access to a walkthrough guide and a variety of other resources to help you get growing! 


  • Theory: Why do this, and what are the benefits of lion’s mane? 
  • An introduction to simple liquid culture techniques 
  • Preparing grain for inoculation 
  • How to perform inoculation with liquid mycelium 
  • Creation of one’s own culture jar lids
  • Using a pressure cooker for sterilisation 
  • A guided walkthrough (including theory and practice) of the process from start to finish 
  • Preparing mycelium grain for consumption with recommended recipes 
  • ‘How to’ guides and support information which you can use post-session 
  • There will also be time for Q&A