Noisily Art Gallery

Open all weekend, uniting Noisily Artists, Magick Carpet Collective & The Travelling Temple of the Arts

Working with two separate art collectives as well as a gallery space for our site-wide artists to display and sell their art we are curating an enchanted art gallery space, full of awe-inspiring art, a place for artistic expression, escapism and celebrating life. This new creative hub will host our live art walls and be a place to connect with artists, listen to ambient music and purchase beautiful artwork.

This year’s art gallery has a focus on geometry, magic, ritual, patterns in nature and the sacred. The art explores concepts and inspirations from around the world, including contemporary, modern, indigenous and underground cultures from across the globe, transcending genre and trend. The art gallery features a mix of artists creating a patchwork of beautiful and dream-like surreal pieces with pantheistic wonder.