Noisily Observatory

Noisily Observatory with Dr Ben Burningham & friends


When the stars are out and the sky is clear, stop by the Noisily Observatory to connect with your cosmic self while gazing at our home amongst the stars. Realise that you too are starstuff, bound to our world by an invisible force we hurtle through the Universe. 

Dr Ben Burningham and colleagues from the Centre for Astrophysics Research at the University of Hertfordshire will be on hand to give a tour of the sky, and bounce ancient photons from stars in distant galaxies into your wonderful faces. 

Ben is an associate professor of astrophysics, who specialises in remote sensing the atmospheres of worlds beyond the solar system. He has used observatories all over the world and beyond for his research, and has previously been based at the Observatório Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, and NASA Ames Research Centre in California.  He is currently as happy as a pig in shit analysing data from the James Webb Space Telescope, and would be over the moon if you asked him about the latest discoveries.