Medicine Songs & Circle

With Moshe Halperin & Api Apasco

Saturday 18:00 – 19:30 | Ushti Kushti | By Donation

Moshe & Api’s singing circles feature easy-to-join- in medicine songs, that connect the audience with the 5 elements (air, earth, fire , water, heart)  and use healing frequencies to bring a feeling of wellbeing and release. They teach songs in Portuguese, Spanish, English and native languages, to promote wellbeing for all ages and backgrounds. The aim is to remember, reconnect and stimulate healing.

Moshe Halperin is a beautiful musician carrying a rich heritage of unique stories in the powerful spirit of song. A musician and songwriter, Moshe fuses the music and healing practices from traditional indigenous teachers with modern classical themes.

Moshe was entrusted with sacred songs of the Huni Kuin tribe in the Brazilian Amazon due to his friendship with Shamans Ninawa Pai de Mata and Txana Ikikuru. They share a common belief in the deep healing qualities of musical vibration and bring together people from across the world to benefit from medicinal prayers and songs.

Having always maintained a profound respect for meditation and the classical guitar, Moshe began working with Bettina Maureenji, a classical Indian musician and voice teacher, in 2010. They have played many concerts together all over the world. Moshe also holds weekly Sacred Singing and Prayer Circles in the UK, with fellow musician George Barker

Feel more into Moshe’s magic here:

Api Ascaso is an explorative and vibrant soul whose musical abilities reunite together to create expressive, eclectic and soulful music.

Playing music from the age of 5 and receiving full classical training as a pianist, Api’s musical journey has encountered many genres such as Spanish folk, jazz harmonies, African drumming, middle eastern percussion, Hindustani raags, shamanic vibrations and meditative modes. Her fascination for cultures, art, music and rhythm continues influencing her compositions and her genuine improvisation skills will transport you to places out of time and space.

Occupational therapist for children, mother of 2 and eternal nature lover, Api continues exploring the healing properties of sound through her voice and the several instruments that she plays with delicacy. Together with participating and initiating many artistic collaborations such as the mystical “Terra Cosmica”, Api continues composing and creating her solo music, an invitation to encounter your own soul and formulate those responses that are being sought. Nature speaks through her music, unfolding social and environmental issues, as well as offering a sound landscape where you will be called to breathe, connect and celebrate life.

Api also offers regular workshops called “Music Under One Moon” to connect the healing properties of the voice, sound and vibration. She also continues her journey as healer and stepping into the paths of medicine music.

Take a long breath and listen to her music here: