Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Overcoming Life’s Challenges: Learnings from Tantra & Somatics with Ian Young

Friday 1315 – 1415 | Once in A Blue Moon

This workshop will be a mix of talk, somatic movement and tantra practices led by somatic movement teacher Ian Young who will be sharing his life story of overcoming disability from childhood arthritis. He will share how he had to use a walking stick at age 19 for 20 years and through somatic movement learnt to walk without it. He will share some easy movements that you can take into your life to relieve stress and tension, and also talk about how he moved from a very stuck place in his life to change and find his path and his life’s purpose. 

Tantra played a very big part in this change and this journey and he will also explain what tantra is and how it might help you in your emotional and spiritual life. Ian is also a musician and will share a few songs that he has written charting his journey and how he has grown and achieved many lifetime ambitions. So come and be inspired to tackle your own life challenges head on so you too can develop in the direction you want to in life!