Owning Voice for Women: Manifest Success Personally and Professionally! With Alyssa Martin

FRIDAY | 15:30 – 17:00 | MIND

Unlock your potential and manifest success! It’s time to become fully voiced so you can create the life you deserve in health, wealth, business, and love. With Voice of Her, you’ll discover a transformative platform that helps women reclaim and own their voice, empowering them to create the life they deserve in every aspect.

Join Founder and CEO Alyssa Martyn for an interactive talk that delves into the five root blocks that can mute your voice, and how to heal the throat wound and activate the throat chakra. Learn how to liberate the true voice within, and gain practical tips and tools to create the life you deserve personally and professionally.

This session is tailored to women ready to be heard, and authentically expressed and open up opportunities to make real impact and income.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Voice of Her and gain insight to the main power centre that makes you magnetic for all you desire!