Radical Impact Regeneration

Stories from the front-line of saving the world – a talk with Chris Ballard

Saturday 1745 – 1845 | MIND

Across the world, International NGOs are delivering innovative and profoundly transformative social and environmental interventions in the most complex, deprived and dangerous regions. Humanitarian & development NGOs are delivering education and healthcare in war-zones, environmental NGOs are applying cutting-edge science in rainforests, and Nature-based Solutions in our cities.

Through radical impact innovation, NGOs and their heroic front-line staff are unlocking inspiring solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges, often with limited budgets and in extreme conditions.

Chris Ballard has led innovation for global NGOs including Save The Children & Earthwatch. In this talk, Chris will share some stories of how radical impact innovation is being applied by NGOs as they fight to save vulnerable people, remediate our environment, and transform humanity’s future.