Radical Unschooling

Radical Unschooling – Lessons in Love with Ben Zaven-Crane

SUNDAY | 12:30 – 13:45 | MIND

Unschooling has presented itself as an alternative to conventional schooling in recent years but why unschool when the state provides free childcare AND claims to educate them ahead of their participation in the ‘real world’?

Let’s open pandora’s box with Ben Zaven-Crane and listen to how he, his partner and their 3 small children began their journey. In this talk Ben will open the channel of conversation with the audience in a back and forth dialogue about both the day to day mechanics of their approach alongside a deeper philosophical framework that guides them.

From socialising, utilising technology and cultivating a spiritual life to calibrating a more general trajectory in one’s journey with a healthy balance of interests and awareness.

Intrigued? Come along and strike up conversation with some questions!