Raise the Vibe

Raise the Vibe – Activate your Inner-Alchemist & Fulfil the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy with Tanishka

SUNDAY | 17:15 – 18:45 | MIND

In this 90 min entertaining slideshow Tanishka will share how to activate the sacred warrior through inner alchemy and become a conduit to anchor Heaven on Earth. This is how together we can fulfil the whirling rainbow prophecy; all colours and creeds living in harmony and transforming the world back to green. 

Topics Covered:

🌈 Activating the Rainbow Bridge
🌈 Raising Kundalini
🌈 Mapping the Path to Ecstasy & Liberation
🌈 Becoming a Sexual Activist

Tanishka is an oracle who is travelling the world offering free consciousness raising events disseminating ancient wisdom teachings to inspire the global family to respond to global events as alchemists rather than political activists. A former stand-up comedian, she is best known as Facebooks’s Moon Woman with 463,000 followers of her guidance. An author of 6 books she began writing and teaching 26 years ago after a kundalini awakening while living off grid in the Otway Ranges. A leader in the global Red Tent movement, she has trained facilitators in 44 countries & now is focusing on initiating men into the long lost rites of the Grail tradition, the subject of her latest book, The Grail. To find out more about her work & UK events go toΒ www.themoonwoman.comΒ