Raising Our Love Frequency

Raising our Love Frequency through Dance with Helene Su

FRIDAY | 14:15 – 15:30 | MIND

Through movement and dance we can connect to our feelings and the powerful energetic frequency of our heart. We can open the door to release blockages such as anger and pain and invite in forgiveness for ourselves and others.

As our bodies become softer, our minds become less rigid, and we become more open, tolerant, kind and compassionate. We enter into a deep presence with ourselves, and in relationship to others.

We will do a somatic heart meditation together and raise our frequency. Connecting to ourselves, and letting love flow. Accessing limitless compassion and unconditional love at Noisily we can expand our experience exponentially on the dancefloor when we move in the unity of a love frequency

If we expand this energy into the whole of the festival, we can enter an ocean of love – creating the ultimate spiritual, psychedelic and love experience!