Rave Ritual

Rave Ritual with Witchclown 

Saturday 21:30 – 23:45 BODY

“A wickedly divine creation. This is ecstatic dance with claws on. Joyful, naughty, heart-opening.”

Rave Ritual is somewhere between a shamanic ritual and a fierce rave, bridging the worlds of the sacred and the absurd, our dances facilitate safe spaces for you to totally lose your shit, break free of the box, and express yourself with wild abandon.

Allow your inner weirdo to breathe, and move as your body wants to, not as you think you should.

We combine chaos magic and banging beats to induce you into the art of mischief and manifestation. Through an epic set of seductive electronic, you’ll be plucked from the ordinary and transported to a dimension of transcendental triviality.

We celebrate the culture of consent, respect and kindness for each other amidst all the chaos. We are a community of dancers, magicians, and fools who come together to honour life, and use the energy we create through movement as a vessel for healing and liberation of the individual and collective.