Realise Your Power

Realise your Power – a workshop with André Power

Saturday & Sunday 16:00 – 18:00 | MIND | by donation

André Power, is a leading life coach in the field of self empowerment, self awareness and individual differences, as well as being a most highly referenced Master Quantum Healer, which he has developed after conducting fifteen years of Reiki healing. 

Come and be amazed and blown away, as he takes you on a journey of self realisation and awareness, unlike anything represented to you before!

André, teaches the art of Freestyle. This incorporates many novel and unique approaches to the age old questions of “who am I, why am I here, where am I going”, as well as introducing concepts such as “Controlling your narrative” and the twelve aspects of Love, from Innocence to Forgiveness and how they apply to us as both individuals and groups.

He will also fully explain the Source energy he channels and not only how it is done, but also what it is and how it can instantly and remotely, be transmitted anywhere, to anyone on the Planet.

This is a full, Mind, Body and Spirit workshop and although André will set the parameters as it goes, you are encouraged to interact with fulsome Q&A session and be introduced to many concepts, some ancient in inception, such as Astrology and numerology, some more modern in implementation, such as Body language and breathing techniques and others that are right at the forefront of latest science and meta-physics, such as DNA attunement and the power of love, as an actual energetic vibration.

Finally, a little theorising and determining regarding the “Age of Aquarius” and what it really means, concluding with a group energy boost that will empower you and attune you, to the vibration of the “Eternal Source of Love”.

For further reference please visit his healing site

This is a no fee event, but donations will be accepted, when the workshop is concluded.