Red Tent

Open 10am – 10pm Friday to Sunday

Our Red Tent is an open and inviting place for you to connect with the deep, soulful parts of yourself and others. Let us guide you on a transformative journey back to the womb, where you can nurture yourself and explore the mystical and awe-inspiring realm of the Sacred feminine.

We are the witches
We have returned
It is our inherent birthright to connect, journey, and gather together as women, utilising our collective strength to share and expand our wisdom.

Our workshops will be a celebration of the womb, featuring a variety of offerings, including herbalism, cycle awareness,  birth activism, fertility movement, open discussions, and women’s circles. Whether you are seeking a nurturing space to rest while bleeding, or a sensual exploration of the wonders of the womb, this is a space for you.

Come and tune into your own magic, your intuition and the power and beauty of the menstrual cycle.

The space is ran by Alev Mizrahi, a Holistic Birth Educator and Women’s Health Specialist.