Release the Dragons

Release the Dragons with Tony Langford

Saturday 1630 – 1745 | BODY | £20

Through movement of the body to music we release the dragon energies that reside within us.

The dragons represent our emotions that surge through our body – and yet which are often suppressed. We may neglect these body energies when we are stuck in our heads, stuck in our thinking minds.

The three coloured dragons are based in part on Professor Paul Gilbert’s “three circles” motivational brain “drivers” from Compassion Focused Therapy. The green mode is of rest and digest, affiliation and care; the blue mode of drive and achievement, and the red mode of threat, fear and unmet needs.

Through music and movement we can explore and release each of these dragon energies, and in particular the Green Dragon that restores and soothes us.

Tony has a diverse background overlapping music, the arts, technology and wellbeing. He has trained in the Body in Mind Neurocognitive Model and has developed the ‘What Colour Is Your Dragon?’ workshops with colleagues at the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence. He has completed training and courses in Authentic Self Empowerment (ASE), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Compassionate Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing.  He has also been a record label manager and DJ, and has re-kindled his love of playing deep, emotive electronic music as part of his local 5 Rhythms group.

‘Release the Dragons’ is a new project for 2022  combining creative expression, emotional awareness and ecstatic dance.