Remembering Sisterhood

Remembering Sisterhood with Georgie Thatcher, Sister Suppers

SATURDAY | 16:30 – 18:00 | USHTI KUSHTI

What’s your first memory of female friendship? Did you experience a change in the dynamic of female friendships as you grew up? Can you remember the old ways?

Journey back to the ancient ways where we came together in loving community. When the village was strong and the red tent offered us a place to honour ourselves and our bodies. Uncover a deep remembering, as we reflect on the sisterhood we’ve experienced in our lives, and discuss how we bring back the ways of the ancient into our modern lives in this workshop that includes meditation, journaling and a sharing circle.

Georgie has always been curious, drawn to that which perhaps cannot be seen by the eye, but is felt by the soul. Having grown up immersed in nature, on the edge of an ancient forest in Wiltshire, she’s most at home with her bare feet on the ground, amongst moss and trees.

Georgie founded Sister Suppers after realising the transformational power that sister circles hold, and the need to rebuild community and learn our truth as women, our herstory.

She’s always had a love for bringing people together, for cooking and eating, and a hunger for knowledge and so it’s a dream to combine all of these joy-bringers into events that can be shared by many women.

Being an empath, Georgie is very intuitive, and sensitive to energy. She uses this to create comforting, safe spaces where people feel held, with a touch of joy and laughter when needed.

Georgie is drawn to working with all the elements of the Self. To discover all of the “hidden” and “shameful” stories we are told, and accept them with love and compassion.

With an open heart, Georgie will lead us through a circle, as a guide, a friend and a sister.