Biomagnetic Therapy

Restoring Balance Within – Biomagnetic therapy, plant medicine and cellular regeneration with Pema Varela

Friday 16:00 – 17:30 | Once in a Blue Moon

This interactive discussion will explore the use of magnets and polarities to balance and restore the cellular environment of the body and it’s PH, how magnets can help correct the function of certain organs and re establish heath to it’s optimum level and how to prevent future diseases and health issues by applying simple protocols using magnets and its positive and negative charges. The talk will also cover some advice on easy to find plants and herb medicines to support a healing and detox process. Pema is an advanced practitioner of Medical Biomagnetism with vast experience in successfully helping patients with chronic conditions using magnets, she is also a teacher of Biomagnetic therapy and runs two clinics one in London and East Sussex.

There will be an opportunity to try out the magnets & feel the magic at work!

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