ROSE CEREMONY with Wild Gaian Soul

FRIDAY | 15:15 – 16:45 | SOUL

Connect with the consciousness that is Rose. Rose is known as a heart opener, the perfect plant to work with when you are falling in love, or when you have loved and lost, when you need fertility support or a gentle loving hand through the ups and downs of menopause. However, you will never know what Rose has to offer you, unless you take the time to reach out with an open heart and ask. This ceremony provides that opportunity.

As we celebrate Rose, we will immerse our bodies and senses with sacred Rose preparations. When the edges have softened, we will drop in to meet the spirit of Rose, with a shamanic journey (no experience necessary).

Rachel Corby, author and plant whisperer will be your guide. She has been working consciously with the spirits of plants for the last 17 years, holding ceremonies, courses and workshops.
Facebook/instagram – @mugwortdreamer