Sacred Objects

Sacred Objects, Amulets, Charms and Talismans with Aggie Davis

Sunday 9 – 10.30am | CRAFT | £15

‘Sacred objects go beyond words and capture the spirit of a moment, creating a memory of lasting power.’

This workshop opens a space for reflection and reconnection through the creation of personal talismans, amulets, charms or miniature altars. Using symbolism, colour magic and the power of intention, natural and recycled/found materials can be alchemised through ritual into powerful, embodied objects, alive with personal stories and emotion. They may become whatever their creator needs them to be…. potent vessels of hope, charms for luck or good fortune, or simply a gentle physical reminder of ones unique relationship to, to earth, to spirit or to Self.

Participants are invited to spend time in the ritual making of their own sacred object, using a range of materials provided.  Our objects will come together to create a temporary, collective altar. There will be time to share the stories they tell, and to witness within the containment of our circle.