Sacred Union

Sacred Union Connection Circle with Luna & Demi 

SATURDAY | 13:30 – 15:00 | UNITE

Our eyes are the windows to our soul; join us for a dynamic yet simple workshop, inviting everyone to come & connect to their wholeness & to see more of themselves through exploring eye gazing. This circle will explore the energetics of sacred union & the masculine and feminine energies within the Self. Feel into your inner alchemical marriage and unite these two sacred energies. Following this we will land in our bodies, heart and soul with guided movement & a fun connection activity, meeting the eyes of a stranger to see the totality of your wholeness. Sometimes no words are needed and eye gazing is a beautiful way to be reminded of the deep connection we can experience through silence and witnessing in presence. This will be an inclusive space to share, move around, connect & reflect together, inviting the wisdom that we are all divine mirrors reflecting the same light. A beautiful way to ground into the magic collective noisily energy.

‘I see you, & by seeing you I bring you into being’ – Rumi