Sandra Surdu

Sandra Surdu is a visionary artist, creative writer and jewellery crafter, currently living in London. 

Her paintings have been described as a fusion of figurative art with surrealism influences, a transcendental journey through lucid dreaming, weaving spiritual symbolism and sacred geometry rhythms. Through this medium her intention is to soften the chaos of our reality and dissolve concepts of separation and duality, envisioning a new earth through creation and connection – a communication through art that will bring more gentleness, tranquillity and equilibrium to a decadent and senseless evolving society. By nurturing the grace dwelling inwardly she artistically awakens the most intense essence of her creativity. 

On a deeper layer, Sandra describes her artwork as an emotional remembrance of how fascinating and mystical yet delicate and serene it is to live within a female spirit; within each painting she is creating a space that unravels the soulful intimacy and truthful connection to the ethereal greatness and enchantment that revolves around a woman embodiment.

The mood of her artworks is nostalgic and haunting while soothing and calm, a fluid dance of shapes, petals and spiritual symbols, a quest into the depths and strength of feminine, beyond arousing or provoking while nude. 

The atypical features of every illustrated character and the semi-shadowy portrayal reveal the bewilderment over solitude, innocence and vulnerability, an entangled sensuality infused with melancholy and stillness, each part of her works breathing through colors.

Her paintings are a play of soft and brutal brush strokes: warmth and texture whilst smoky and delicious tones of honey, apricot dusks and a sunset pink flow. The tones conjure senses, entwined with a fierce perspective of duality and distorted reality that define her artistic expression. 

She confesses that the most profound source of inspiration is nature and her own life experiences. With each piece of work, she connects on a deeper level with self innate feminine nature, deepening through layers of growth and transformation.Over an aesthetic and decorative purpose, she wishes with her art to inspire, heal and empower, and boundlessly to encourage the creative process, a wild imagination, to take form, figure and color, setting free the magic and the fantasy beyond rational and conventional, embracing the beauty, the strangeness and the singularity of oneself consciousness