Search for the Soulmate with Chris Fitchew

FRIDAY | 18:45 – 20:15 | BODY

The hit experience of festival ‘22 season, with 100’s of matches, join us for some more “Search for the Soulmate!” Calling In the spirits of the Eros, Cupid, Cilla, and Venus, your host, Joy Alchemist Chris Fitchew will be master of soul-star-seed match-making, in this fast and furious hour and a half of love, friendships, twin flames, soul-mate matching, with joyous song and channeled comedy thrown in.

Calling all single guys and girls, of all gender and sexuality expressions – join us with an open heart and soul, ready to let Blind Fate, a smidge of smudge, shamanic magic & lots of marvelous mayhem, help you find your perfect soul match! Across between Blind Date, speed dating and witchy woo of wonder, and all to a soundtrack of all your favourite songs of love with a mega sprinkle of Disco! 

Nonsingles of course welcome to come and support your single brothers and sisters, or even find some more of your soul family…but of course primarily to have some divine and joyous fun. Also, “How well do you know your twin Flame” contest thrown in! 

Come and Win a date at Noisily this year with you new soul mate!