Sensory Awakening

Sound & Somatics with Sensory Alchemists

Sunday 1130 – 1245 | BODY

Sounds & Somatics – ‘Sensory Awakening’ is an active and energising experience that uses drums, percussion and music to facilitate and guide you through this embodied primal experience.

The sensory alchemists will guide you through movements and sounds that are fluid and detached from any preconceived ideas of ‘form’. Creating patterns and shapes evolved from evolution (such as reptilian and childlike) and organic shapes found in nature.

The sounds and vibrations from the medicine music and instruments help facilitate and encourage a sense of play, wonder and curiosity.

Raising your vibration through the senses will leave you feeling more connected to the Earth, Yourself and each other.

Sensory Alchemists are are a group of Black/brown, queer and marginalised wellness and creative practitioners. (formerly called the Elemental wellness collective)

Part of our ethos is to change the face of the wellness industry and to create spaces for those that have in the past felt excluded.

We practice radical inclusion and exclusion, as well as the decolonisation of yoga and other wellness practices.

In the world of festivals, this translates to being mindful and respectful of what we teach and educating people about the lineages of the practices we share. To honour cultural appreciation, not appropriation.