Sensual Cacao

Sensual Cacao Ceremony with Deya CacaoAmor

SUNDAY | 17:00 – 18:30 | UNITE

Cacao is a sensual and loving sacred plant. Harnessing the bliss compound Anandamide, Serotonin and Dopamine which Cacao helps us produce, and the love biochemicals of Phenethylamine found in Cacao, this ceremony will help you to connect with your heart and yourself, in a very loving way. We will create an intimate and safe space for your whole being to feel connected and open to explore sensuality through your senses with Cacao. 

Deya (Dia) CacaoAmor is ceremonies – delight – voyages. Wildly loving Cacao Sorceress. She grew up drinking Cacao in Ecuador and has been sharing in ceremonies since 2014. Nature lover and founder of CacaoAmor. She exports ceremonial grade Cacao from her homeland, collaborating with a local cooperative taking care of biodiversity, expanding the nurturing Medicine of Cacao to the Seven Directions.