Sex Club

Sex Club with Conor Cregg & Haych Radcliffe

Saturday 1515 – 1645 | SOUL

Sex Club is a peer-to-peer educational space about a topic that affects all of us. Its aim is to break the taboo around sexuality and intimacy by talking about it. The relationship to, and conditioning and experience of our sexuality affects all of us. It permeates our day to day experience consciously and subconsciously more than we realise.

Throughout our life the majority of us didn’t develop a practice of processing our sexuality or making sense of it. Mostly we’re unable to translate our inner experience into words because we’re not used to it.

Sex Club is open source and we encourage people to set up their own Sex Club in different locations. We now have Sex Clubs running in London and Stroud in the UK, and Chiang Mai in Thailand. The aim is to have as many people as possible offering this simple and much needed space for us all to become more sexually aware and to experience a more fun sex life.

Everyone who’s attended at least one Sex Club gets invited to a closed FB group Sex Club community to keep the dialogue going.

As with every Sex Club people have the opportunity to:

-Practice speaking about sex in a trusted, non-judgemental and low stakes environment.

-Hear and learn from other peoples’ learnings, knowledge and experience.

-Process your sexuality and translate your experience into words.

-Inquiry into your desires and fears, and through awareness acquire agency to change patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

-Connect with likeminded people and join the Sex Club Community.

Conor works as a counsellor and facilitator of inquiry and process work. He’s the co-founder of the Sex Club team. His academic background is in psychology and he’s trained in a holistic counselling, specialising in supporting people to free themselves from patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are holding them back from living the lives (and sex lives) they want to live. Find out more at

Haych is a nutrition coach who focuses on intuitive eating, stress management, pleasure and self compassion. She also facilitates mental resilience training for Tough Cookie, an organisation that equips people with skills to manage their thoughts and emotions. She is a new member to the Sex Club facilitation team as we expand our offerings across the country.

Together we bring a balance to ensure people feel held and supported along this journey.