Shiva Shakti Ceremony with The Wild Women

Saturday | 18:15 – 19:45 | BODY

Our workshop is the celebration of the divine union of gods & goddesses. This will be a safe, deep & powerful ceremony into the energy flow of the masculine and feminine who will hold space for each other, in order to surrender, expand and embody the wild. We will raise the vibration of the masculine and feminine -creating a frequency of love  at the highest level.  Through meditation, tantric connection practice, guided movement, Breathwork and Dance the room will feel the powerful life-force energy awakening and igniting within and around the collective field. The power of the masculine and feminine together will feel electric.  

This is a beautiful time to be living as we raise the vibration of the masculine and feminine. There will be no touching, “getting naked’, touch and boundaries will be clear.

The Wild Women are an embodiment feminine collaborative comprising of Joanna & Lisa. We hold ceremonial journeys, courses and retreats. We open up to the wild within through movement, ritualistic meditation, sound, dance and relaxation. Drawing on yogic, shamanic, ancient womb practices and tantric traditions, weaved in with the live magic of DJ led music. We are here to AWAKEN AND IGNITE the WILD thats within us all.