Somatic Workshop

Somatic Workshop with Ian Young

Sunday 1015 – 1115 | BODY

This workshop will introduce you to the delights of a movement practice called Hanna Somatics. This is a gentle and accessible practice mainly done lying on a mat but which can be surprisingly powerful in its effects. One of the wonderful things about it is that you can sense it working on unwinding through the years of tension and holding patterns that we all experience through our stressful modern lifestyles or even from a hard night on the dance floor! 

The workshop will be led by Ian Young, a movement teacher who has lived with severe arthritis since childhood and required the use of a walking stick for 20 years before discovering Somatics, which has since enabled him to give up using it. 

Ian draws on these personal experiences, sharing the ways he has learnt to overcome physical challenges. The workshop will be like experiencing a moving meditation but will also give you some really great tricks and tips to use in your everyday life to combat stress and tension. So come and get dance floor ready and be prepared to move as you never have before!