Song, Manifestation & Cacao Ceremony with Alyssa Martin & Stu Drinkwater 

SUNDAY 15:15 – 16:45 | SOUL | £25

Activate Your Energy, Raise Your VIBE and Become Magnetic For What You Desire!

Are you ready to become a badass manifestor and activate your power to attract your heart’s desires? Join us for a transformative ceremony that combines powerful manifestation teachings, healing music, voice activation and wisdom to raise your vibration and call in what you truly desire.

Led by Coach and Song Ceremonialist Alyssa Martyn, this experience includes empowering mantra and kirtan chants to awaken your energy centres, heart-opening cacao medicine, vocal transmissions, empowering songs, and highly effective manifestation tools and exercises.

Whether you’re new to manifestation or a seasoned pro, this ceremony is designed to help you become a super attractor for the life you’re calling in! You don’t need to participate in the singing at this event (though you can if it calls), just bring something to take notes with, a mug (optional) and an open heart.

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