Straight from the Heart

Straight from the Heart with Alison Powell

SATURDAY | 11:30 – 13:00 | UNITE

Alison Powell is passionate about creative writing and the ways the written word can connect us to our heart’s desires. She loves the way that the page can allow us to drop into our intuition and our own inner wisdom. She is an experienced facilitator, teacher and NLP Master Practitioner and has delivered workshops, courses and talks on the power of creativity to heal and transform. Her work invites you to bring your whole self to the page: to show up and uncover what it is that you really want to say.  Alison approaches everything she does from a framework of kindness and compassion and truly believes that everyone has a right to write. She will help you find your authentic voice and bring your truth to the world. 

In Straight from the Heart you will experience a series of guided meditation, breathwork and writing experiments that will bring you even more deeply in touch with who you really are. Expect to leave the workshop with words you want to share, an open heart and an even greater sense of presence and appreciation for the world. Whether you have a regular writing practice, a secret burning urge to write, or simply a curiosity about what it might be like to put your own words into some kind of shape, you are fully welcome in this workshop space. There will be time to write plus a chance to share your words if you wish.

Paper and pens will be provided, but you are really welcome to bring your own journal or notebook along.

For more about Alison and her work visit or find her on socials as @hellowriteclub