Surrender – a creative workshop with Emma Trussler

FRIDAY | 1215 – 1345 | CRAFT

Together we will create a place where you will be able to communicate and work with each other to create your own interconnection with all life on Earth.  The intention of this is workshop is to listen to your inner thoughts and wisdoms that are delicately woven into our incredible living network; thus allowing your senses to explore and nurture your true feelings. We will do this through the exploration of fabrics, create collages, bunting, whatever feels right to us at the time.  By doing so, we will combine our capacity for love, beauty and rooted change, collectively transforming our living story. Mind and matter meet, thoughts meet reality. We will explore the use of fabric and words, summing up the emotion we are currently feeling. This exercise will help us explore these emotions and feelings and help us to rise above our demons, absorb and display them through what we create. An intimate workshop that will use discussion and understanding then demonstration and creation.