SATURDAY | 17:30 – 19:00 | MIND

Noisily welcomes back for the second year, André Power, for live workshops.

André is a Master Quantum Healer, following 15 years as a Reiki Healer, he has spent the last 7 years, shifting into and developing the art of Quantum Healing, channelling directly from the “Eternal Source of Love”.

So powerful is this healing technique, that André can connect individuals to such in just one minute. These “cosmic kisses”, are powerful and personal illustrations of this Source energy and all attendees can be gifted such, at the end of each workshop.

Also, André will take you on a journey, through the 12 aspects of love, from innocence to forgiveness, demonstrating how we each resonate strongly with a pre-determined aspect and how we can integrate the other 11 to co-create unconditional love in both our own lives and those close to us.

Initially, André will conduct a group collective energetic connection, empowering every attendee with Source energy, which has rarely been done before.

Come to a workshop and prepare to be amazed, as André introduces you all to what he determines as the “Eternal Source of Love”.

All are welcome!