The Headless Way

The Headless Way with Richard Lang 

Friday 1330 – 1500 | SOUL

The Headless Way is growing in popularity as an astonishingly simple way to notice fundamental truths about your experience, which for some people can be both thrilling and liberating. In a series of deceptively simple experiments and awareness exercises, you will have the chance to see for yourself what mystics throughout the ages have pointed to.

The experiments were developed by the philosopher Douglas Harding, who wrote: “Though in essence the same as Zen, Sufism, and other spiritual disciplines, this way proceeds in an unusually down-to-earth fashion.” The Headless Way claims you are more likely to see who you really are in a few minutes of experimentation than in years of reading, meditation or traditional spiritual practise.

It uses a variety of simple, non-verbal, fact-finding tests, all of them asking: how do I look to myself?

Richard has been sharing The Headless Way around the world for more than 50 years. He is dedicated to making this direct method of seeing our Original Nature as widely available as possible. He looks forward to being at Noisily and sharing this Way with anyone who is interested.