Touching the Sacred through Dance 

The Power of Dance to Transcend and Heal the Planet – a talk with Helene Su 

Sunday 1115 – 1215 | MIND

We have spent decades pumping chemicals and plastics into our planet’s atmosphere and oceans. When covid hit, we had to slow down and stay still, giving the planet a welcome break.

Ancient cultures recognise the nature of interconnectedness. In native American cosmology a sacred way of life means we honour and preserve our environment. Similarly in modern quantum physics, the flow of information in a quantum universe is holistic.

Our bodies are part of ecology, we co-evolved with the planet – we are nature, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. We can do this through the power of dance to change our way of thinking and being. We drop from trying to understand through the intellect, to knowing through the heart.

Dance is a transpersonal experience, and we can connect to something greater than ourselves. As a shamanic practice it can radically affect us on a spirit and soul level, with big changes in perspective and going deep into important questions of our time.

Through dance we can become one on the dance floor and resonate with the frequencies of the earth to experience unity. Here at noisily we can resonate and become one with the beautiful plants, trees and woods of our surroundings.