The Power of Love – Explore the spiritual psychology of love with John Osborne Hughes

SATURDAY | 13:45 – 15:00 | SOUL

This talk/ workshop explores the true meaning of love, both from a psychological and spiritual perspective, and offers principles and practices to nurture and enhance its powerful presence in your life.

Topics covered –

+ Universal love

+ Self love: the master key

+ How to create and increase the feeling of love

+ The difference between horizontal and vertical love

+ The psychology of love

+ How to attract your ideal partner

+ Real love vs falling in love

+ Beyond delusion and attachment

+ Loving relationships

The session includes a unique guided meditation to open the heart, along with a cosmic soul gazing exercise, which can be practised with a partner, friend or total stranger. The results are the same.

You will leave this workshop with a foundation of knowledge and tools to serve in your ability to give and receive love, both to yourself and others.

John is the creator of The Spiritual Psychology of Acting & Director of Awakened State Productions: