Totem Making

Totem Making Workshops

Friday & Saturday 1330 – 1530 | CRAFT

This year at Noisily Festival we are very pleased to announce our the return of our totem making workshops! We will running two sessions over the weekend in our Mind Body Soul Craft tent that are completely free for all our festival-goers to enjoy. 

The workshops will be taught by the very talented arts and crafts teacher Jodie Powell and will run at 1330 the Friday and Saturday of the festival. You will be guided through the process of making your very own totem with all materials supplied for you. These are recycled materials collected by the art department over the past few years at Nosily, giving you a chance to breathe new creative life into old materials. With live demos at the beginning of each session, you will be taught how to use a number of creative techniques incorporating textiles, painting and craft to help build your very own wacky rave stick… Enjoy!  

We can’t wait to see them on the dancefloor!