Transcendence Research & Performance Design – a performative lecture with Maria Almena from Kimatica Studio

FRIDAY | 19:00 – 20:00 | MIND

Maria Almena is a Spanish London-based director, curator and multidisciplinar and visionary artist. Director and co-founder of Kimatica Studio and Art in Flux CI, with residencies at The National Gallery and Somerset House. Her practice combines performative experiences, interactivity, light and the human body, exploring the intersection between them and the subconscious and creative processes. She researches perception, rituals, wellbeing and embodiment, to inspire reconnection with deep human emotions and enhance human connections. Her practice focuses on media arts and wellness to create new contemporary art therapies and she explores how to achieve altered states through immersive media art performances in order to create new contemporary rituals for our Western Society.

Maria Almena will share insights about Kimatica’s project Transcendence.¬†An interdisciplinary project, researching how live performance and interactive technology can induce altered states of consciousness. Including their latest National Gallery curated event and their research seminars in collaboration with King’s college of London on how to combine therapeutic, psychedelic, and artistic¬†methodologies.