Transformative Sound Meditation

Transformative Sound Meditation Ceremony with The Faraway Tree Therapies

SUNDAY | 15:00 – 16:30 | UNITE | By donation

Kate from The Faraway Tree Therapies will guide you through this beautiful, transformative ceremony of meditation, breath, sound healing and reiki. This workshop will soothe and restore your nervous system, support you to connect to your inner wisdom, and experience blissful altered states of consciousness. 

You’ll begin by receiving a personal energy cleanse using palo Santo, then you’ll sit together in a short guided meditation, with intention setting and affirmations, to strengthen your healing and transformation.

You’ll be guided through some gentle breathing practices to release any stress or tension you have been carrying around with you.

Next you’ll get comfy and cosy, laying down for a guided deep relaxation meditation, to quiet your mind and relax your body, before you bathe in the sounds of instruments that have been used as healing tools for thousands of years. You will be immersed in the therapeutic vibrations and frequencies of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shamanic drum, gongs, rattles, chimes and more. Kate is a reiki master and will be sharing healing reiki energy with each participant. 

Some of benefits include:

* Reduced stress

* Relief from anxiety

* Better sleep 

* Released emotional blockages

* Better mood

* Improved focus

* Mental clarity

* Creative insights

* Profound physical restoration

* Deep peace

* Balanced heart rate & BP

• These instruments are designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system bringing you into deep relaxation. 

• The frequency of these sounds will bring your brain waves into alpha tetha which is the state we enter just before sleep or when in a deep meditation, here we heal and rejuvenate at a cellular level. 

• There will some be short moments of silence throughout the session. 

• You may drift into thought at times which is perfectly ok, you can choose to stay in your thoughts or you can bring your focus back to the sounds. 

• You may drift off into sleep this is also perfectly ok, you will be guided back at the end of the session. 

• If you want to move or get up please do! 

• Wear loose fitting clothing, bring blankets and pillows, eye masks and anything else for your comfort. 

Kate is a registered mental health nurse of 16 years and a holistic therapist. If you experience any emotions during or after the session that you would like to talk about please let Kate know, she is there to support you.

Kate merges a variety of scientific and spiritual teachings, with her personal and professional experiences, to bring a unique offering.  She is a senior nurse practitioner in nhs crisis mental health services and has a private clinic, The Faraway Tree Therapies, on a boat in Hertfordshire. 

Kate is a certified reiki master, kundalini yoga teacher and meditation teacher. She is trained and certified in Tantra, sound healing and shamanic practices, various talking therapies, mentoring and wellness coaching.

Kate’s classes and workshops are deep, introspective, wholesome and healing, sprinkled with love and magic. She looks forward to sharing her offerings with you.