Trees are Us – Reconnecting with our essential elves through nature with Summer Forest & Esther Nicklin

SUNDAY | 15:00 – 16:00 | USHTI KUSHTI

The same life force that flows through us flows through everything in the living world. In our fast-paced lives, however, most of us spend more time with  technology than we do with the very soil, water and plants that are essential to our survival. Our workshop looks at how we can re-establish that cellular level connection with the natural world that is who we are.

In our time together we will share a bit about our individual journeys of learning to connect more deeply with trees and the elements. We’ll talk briefly about how we approach tree communion, wisdom gathering and healing in the forest. This will be followed by a short mindful sitting then walking period as we move into mindfulness with trees and re-immersion in the elements. This practice is intended to activate a living link,  a means of getting out of our heads and reconnecting with nature and with our true selves. In this place of communion with the natural world can be found a place of deep comfort, safety and even release from pain.


Esther Nicklin offers nature-based immersion experiences incorporating energy work, movement & intuitive readings to release tension, detox from tech, come out of mind and help individuals to connect with themselves by connecting with nature.  She has been working with Tarot since 2008 and became a Reiki Master in 2020 and spends up to three months of  the year living in nature. Esther shares her love of 80s and 90s vintage clothing and teaches sustainable style through her brand, Malibu’s Vintage Suitcase as well as through her writing. She is a frequent contributor (as an editor and writer) with Ibiza Style magazine and has worked as a model and events professional since 1992 and 1995, respectively.

Summer Forest spent three months in noble silence alternating periods of sitting and mindful walking meditation in a Buddhist Forest Refuge in America. It was during her daily silent, snowy forest walks that she discovered how to connect with the living pulse of the trees and the hidden creatures of the forest. Summer Forest is a 200 hr. certified yoga teacher and has been studying Buddhism for 25 years (in the Tibetan, Korean Zen and Insight traditions.) She holds a Masters in the Great Books of China, India and Japan and Sanskrit and was recently awarded the Public Leadership Credential from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Her passion for people and the environment is currently focused through her clothing startup Summer Forest for Humanity, a sustainable jumpsuit and print brand. She can also be found performing as a DJ at many festivals around the UK.

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