Thursday opening party & home to MIND this year

Ukukhapha, Good luck with pronunciation! (its: oo – koo – ka – pah) With the end goal of creating a world class, self-contained, mobile music venue packaged in an old London Bus; Ukukhaphas very first outing will be as part of the incredible MIND Stage as well as temporary host of the Thursday night Camp Site Shenanigans! It all starts at Noisily! For the grand first stop of a massive project in the making, Ukukhapha could not be more pleased to be part of such an amazing festival! It is the first of many stops for our intrepid journey; across Europe and down into Africa with the final destination of Cape Town. The main objective of which is bringing musical and creative resources (both physical and digital) to artists, industry professionals and communities where such assets were previously inaccessible or prohibitively expensive. The journey starts here and we welcome all aboard!